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While politicians battle it out to see who gets to live on Pennsylvania Avenue, two dudes are turning their back on fiction and go searching for fact.

ROAMIE & THE BIG FELLA follows two guys from opposite sides of the tracks as they travel across America in a sixties Cadillac convertible that evokes the days when “America was the greatest”.

Jerome Gary is a well-known documentarian who’s been everywhere that’s dangerous to go, and lived to tell about it. He came from money and ran away from it as fast as he could. The Big Fella is a rapper, a cook and sharp as a tack. Raised on the wrong side of Detroit’s 8 mile, he now lives in Nashville where he’s headed for stardom.

Not your every-day “guys on the road”, this disparate couple will see some deep shit, and no doubt step in some, in their quest to uncover the real America. Fearlessly, they seek out the screw-ups, the ass-kickers, the good, the bad and the ugly. They’ll cover the turf in terms of who they know, where they’re from, and how that tempers what they think.

We’ll both celebrate and skewer this great American experiment. You’ll see the great panorama of the United States through the eyes of Jerome and Big Fella. And you’ll laugh – that we promise!

We start in Nashville and after The Big Fella tries the breathe the rarefied air of the ultra-conservative Belle Meade Country Club, Jerome joins him as they go looking for the KKK…

Stay tuned.


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